The Roller Coaster of Life

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Life is a truly roller coaster, more challenging than that one on the theme park. Because we never really know exactly what will happen on the next. 2 years ago, I failed miserably. I resigned from my last office only on two months before my probation phase finish. I felt nothing, I was down. Became a jobless on 23 years old was a shame to me. I felt anxiety, when I saw some of my friends got a job and in a good position. I tried to think in a positive way, I thought this is the time for me to take a rest after a long time working for someone. But it was too long.

It’s been a long time to wake up after the miserable thing happened. I decided to do anything that I can even tough there was no payment for that but at least I can made myself productive again after a long time. I joined some voluntary movement and I learned a lot about become a volunteer.

But after all, I found what I can do and be consistent on that. Public speaking, I really love speaking in front of many people (before the pandemic came to the world). In the pandemic era, I learn so much about doing public speaking virtually, it’s not easy but worth it to try. Public speaking is a thing for me, because of that I can explain what comes on my mind about anything properly. Some people under estimate me when I do it, they said I’m a silent person, how can he do that, talking in front of many people. I really don’t care about that, because they will always be like that even tough, I did.

So, I choose to close my ears from any negative speech. I just found another version of me on SCBD Toastmaster, from this awesome community I learned a lot of things. Now. I know who I am, I am a thinker person and little bit narsistic sometimes and then sometimes when I do table topic on Toastmasters sometimes, I feel like unconscious because so many words come to my mind. At the end it’s all about process. I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you for accepting myself here with any imperfection. It such an honor to become a part of you here, learning and growing, please make me. From a thriving public speaker to the amazing one. I’ve never imagined before to be in this club. All of you here just bring my self-confidence back.



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isyraqi khairy siregar

isyraqi khairy siregar


I write everything that I want. keeping learn and grow because I'm a thriving writer. stay connected with me on @isyraqi_siregar